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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros | Arena of Heroism

by Lucas White

Welcome back to our Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros guide coverage. This one’s nice and straightforward. It’s a combat arena! All you have to do is what you’ve been doing throughout the game. Kick some monster ass. The action doesn’t start until you step into the arena, so you have room to survey the area first. There are several traps, with multiple long-distance hazards lined up on either side of the walls. The middle of the area floats by itself with pits all around it, and a couple of air vents are blasting air up right in the middle. 

The arena starts with a few harpies flitting around the center. One you start engaging with them, you can expect more enemies to start spawning around you. In addition to the harpies you’ll have to deal with some gorgons and hammer soldiers at a minimum, but there are factors such as your difficulty setting that will mix things up. If you can, though, try to stay on that first strip of platform as you enter, firing at the harpies from range and kiting all the enemies to you.

This is going to require you  to have some skills in combat, as the arena seems to be designed to bait you into trying to stay mobile. But if you can reliably Perfect Dodge and Perfect Parry, you should be able to stand your ground and never have to deal with the hazards. Otherwise, make sure you’re aware of your position in relation to the traps.

Once you win the fights, the way out will open up. But on the left side, there’s also a path to the chest. Pull the lever there, and a couple more harpies will spawn, along with a griffon. If you aren’t used to fighting in the air yet, you’re going to get a crash course here as the griffon likes to stay up high. But it doesn’t have any moves that are particularly hard to deal with, as long as you keep it in your line of sight. 

After you take down the griffon you can ride the air vents over to the chest, then simply glide back once you open it. There’s nothing special about the path to the exit; just a few pillars to jump across and you’re done. 

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