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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros | Aphrodite’s Bewilderment

by Lucas White

The third and final Aphrodite’s Tear puzzle room, or Vault of Tartaros, is upon us. Granted these Immortals: Fenyx Rising guides aren’t in any particular order; it’s just how I decided to roll. This Vault isall about using objects as step-stools to get to higher ground. It’s easy enough, although if you don’t have a certain something, you won’t be able to complete the Vault in one run. Or will you?

The first part is just an introduction. Activate the switch and a wooden crate will appear above the already present one. Jump up on it and continue. The next one gives you two equally useless crates, so you’ll have to move both of them into position. Remember that these crates are fragile, so don’t throw them. I mean, they respawn so you can throw them if you want. Nobody can stop you.

On the next platform, there’s a height you can’t reach and no new switches. Just grab one of the previous boxes from above and drag it over. Make sure to see the animation through without letting the button go or you’ll drop it. It’s back to business as usual next – a switch reveals what you need to climb up. But you’re climbing up into a couple of fire-spewing gargoyles, so keep that in mind. Speaking of fire-spewing gargoyles, before you go through you may as well grab one of the boxes from below again, because you’ll need it. This time you have to pass the gargoyles while you’re carrying a crate, and it’s pretty clear what happens if you mess up. Luckily the crates are light enough that you can sprint with them.

Once again, you need to keep the crate even after you use it to boost. Take it with you along the path and you’ll come to a feather panel. Drop the crate on the panel and glide across the vents to snag the Aphrodite Tear. Hooray! Head back and keep on going. You’ll come to another two crates, another platform to reach, and another situation to need to turn back and grab one of those crates to move on. You’ll come to a series of smaller platforms, and this time dropping a crate on the feather panel produces a small metal box.

Throw the metal box to the next platform, where a second metal box is waiting for you. Use a crate to join them, and throw both of them, again, to the next platform.I’m using “next” a lot, but rest assured these platforms follow a linear path. There’s an anvil panel where you threw the two boxes, so you know what to do. Follow the vents to the lightning pedestal.

But wait, what about the chest? Like I said at the beginning, you may not be able to complete the Vault. The game will likely warn you that you’re missing a Godly Power you need to get the chest. But you can plainly see the orange streak of light from the final platform. I’m not sure what power you’re supposed to have, but you can simply glide over from the top if you don’t mind retracing your steps to get back.

Granted, the gear you get from the chest is the Hubristic One-Eyed Giant Helm, so perhaps the notification was a feint and that’s the game calling you a jerk for thinking you’re so smart.

If you’re following along, we’re officially in possession of all three of Aphrodite’s Tears. Once you have all three, you can advance along the story in this region. Congrats! Let us know what you think of our coverage and Immortals: Fenyx Rising itself over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels.


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