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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros | Adonis’ Fall

by Lucas White

Aphrodite needs her tears back so she can stop being a weird tree-lady. Or something like that. We’re in Adonis’ Fall now, a Vault of Tartaros narratively tied to a mythological story about a man being murdered by pigs. Much like Zeus I wasn’t paying much attention to Prometheus’ story. Anyway, this is another one of our Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vault guides, so let’s get into it.

It seems like this Vault was inspired by Angry Birds. When you first come in, you’ll see a lever, and a constantly-spawning ball rolling down a small hill. Across the way you can see a wall comprising different kinds of blocks. Pulling the lever opens up an air vent for just a moment, and it looks like a pretty powerful gust! So yeah, use the lever to launch the balls into that wall.

Once you do some damage you’ll see another vent behind the wall. Your goal is to get the ball into that vent, which will send it down to a mechanism down and to the right. You may not even see the thing before you activate it, but you’ll know when the purple crystal lights up. Some air vents will activate that will take you to the next part of the puzzle, so just glide over and follow the path until you get to the next lever.

Here it’s the same deal, but there are two walls. This is more of a distant shot, so just keep yanking that lever until you do the thing. Jump over to where the ball landed and go up that ramp. There are two paths here, and you want to keep going over to the right. That’s the direction to head for the chest.

Jump up to the platform and you’ll see a ball mechanism, a lever, and the path forward. But nothing else. This level actually controls the same vent you were just messing with. So turn around, and get ready to launch balls at your own face. This one’s tricky in a way you don’t have a ton of control over, so just feel it out until the ball manages to pop all the way up to where you are. You can also leverage your grabbing powers if you need to make up for that last bit of distance. Ride the vents, grab the chest, and double back to the fork and go left this time.

The final ball-launching puzzle mixes things up a lot more. The wall is mostly the thicker concrete blocks, so it’s going to take some extra time to clear the way. Then, you have to knock stacks of wooden crates off the top of three moving platforms. There isn’t really a good trick; you just have to be patient while you keep trying. You have no control over the velocity and barely any over aiming, so the balls will either bounce off the crates ineffectually or knock ‘em right over.

After you cross the platforms there’s a bit more vent gliding, but all you need to do is follow the path and grab the tear and then the lightning. There are only three tears to collect, and you’ve snagged one of them. 

Does Immortals: Fenyx Rising effectively use its physics in puzzles like these? What’s your opinion overall on the kinds of puzzles found in the Vaults? Let us know what you think, readers, over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels.