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Identity V – How to Get Started

by Josh Hawkins

Identity V is a mobile game that draws a lot of heavy inspiration from Dead by Daylight. Like Dead by Daylight, to get started in Identity V, players must work together to complete objectives and then escape the area before they are caught and killed. Things are a bit different between the games, so here’s what you need to know to get started in Identity V.

How to Download Identity V

Downloading Identity V is definitely the easiest part of the equation here. To download the game, head to your respective app store (the iOS App Store or Google Play Store) and then search for the game’s name. It should pop up right away. Click on it and then download it. It’s a pretty hefty download, so you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of space on your phone, as well as a wifi connection to keep from racking up any extra data charges. Once the game is downloaded, you can dive in and start playing.

Complete the Tutorial

The first thing you should do when starting up Identity V is complete the game’s tutorial. Unlike Dead By Daylight, things here work a bit differently. You can learn more about the difference between Identity V and Dead by Daylight, if you’re interested in diving deeper. For now, though, let’s touch on the basics.

In Identity V, players must complete objectives and unlock a final gate to escape. The objective here is to decipher a certain amount of clues, which will then give you access to more of the game’s storyline. This gives things a narrative to follow, which offers a little something different than you’ll find in other 4 vs 1 escape games of this sort.

You’ll need to interact with Cipher Devices, which are hidden around the map. Complete random quicktime events to decipher the clues, then once you have deciphered all of the clues, make your way to the escape gate, where you can enter in a code and run away. This is the basic gist of the game, though there are a few other things to keep in mind.

As you make your way around the level, look out for The Killer, who will constantly be trying to find you. As you repair Cipher Machines, you’ll draw The Killer’s attention. You can break off this attention by jumping through windows, blocking paths with pallets, and other little tricks. Just be aware that The Killer also has their own tricks up their sleeves, so be ready for anything that they throw your way.

The tutorial will give you a really in-depth look at everything happening in the game, and it’s honestly the best way to come to grips with everything. But, if you aren’t much of one for tutorials, then this article should have granted you all the basic information that you’ll need to survive and start deciphering all of the clues left behind.

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