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Hyperfocus Borderlands 3 Guide – Legendary Weapon

by Ginny Woo

We’re talking Legendary weapons again in Borderlands 3. Sure, Rare Spawn Week has closed its gates and we’re all outta Eridium but that doesn’t mean that the loot grind ever stops. They don’t call the games in the series looter-shooters for nothing, alright? Check out our Hyperfocus Borderlands 3 guide if you need help picking up this Legendary submachine gun. 

Hyperfocus Borderlands 3 Guide – Hyperfocus XZ41 Shotgun

So, if you’re not sure why you’d want to pick up the Hyperfocus XZ41 shotgun, we might be able to convince you. Essentially, it’s cool because it reflects bullets back at your enemies. Yeah, we’ll run that one by you again. This shotgun has a shield that reflects bullets, which is honestly useful as hell if you’re looking at knocking out any rare spawn that’s humanoid enough to go Rambo on you. Spoiler: there’s a ton of those.

That being said, the weapon does suffer from an overall damage decrease but we reckon it’s worth it to keep yourself mostly projected from the Psychos that go shoot in the night. Plenty of Easter egg weapons and items will require you to take down baddies that want to blow your head off, so this is definitely a recommended (if niche) pick-up for enthusiastic Vault Hunters. 

If you’re wanting to pick up the Hyperfocus XZ41, though, we’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that you don’t actually have to kill a particular corresponding enemy to get it. Yes, no need to run around Pandora looking for some idiot with a shield that reflects bullets back at you.

You can actually get this weapon from pretty much any loot source – that means that you can dig it out of a bandit’s toilet, a chest somewhere, or get it from farming whichever boss you think is the easiest to kill. We would recommend taking on Graveward (we have a guide for that too) because it’s a straightforward boss fight and pretty painless to farm if that’s your chosen method. Otherwise, just enjoy running around Pandora and opening every single lootable thing to kill time. 

Now that you’ve got our Hyperfocus Borderlands 3 guide in hand, it should be easy to pick up this Legendary submachine gun. If you need a hand with other things in the game, you can also check out our Borderlands 3 main mission list.

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