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How to Watch League of Legends Worlds 2019

by Liana Ruppert

The League of Legends Worlds is almost done and many LoL fans are wanting to see what sort of conclusion the highly competitive event will come to. For those that can’t make it in person, here’s how to watch the League of Legends Worlds 2019 streams and what the schedule looks like. 

How to Watch League of Legends Worlds 2019

With 24 teams from different regions coming together to prove they’re the best at League all leading up to the Worlds, it’s an interesting and compelling time in the MOBA community. With only two more rounds to go, we’ve got the domestic clash with the LPL Summer champions FunPlus Phoenix facing off against World Champions Invictus Gaming. 

There will also be the rematch from the MSI semi-finals with LEC champions G2 Esports going head to head against LCK champions SK Telecom T1. With FunPlus Phoenix looking to claim their title, the other teams are definitely in it to win it. 

As for how to watch, you can scope out the Twitch stream below: 

Watch live video from Riot Games on

There are three phases to be aware of: 

  • Play-in stage
  • Main event
  • Knockout stage

For the Play-in stage, there are 12 teams competing. The main event will see 16 teams split into teams of four, with the top eight making it to the knockout stage. The knockout is a single elimination with an eight-team bracket. Each team will play best-of-five series until the final with the winner of this stage taking home the World Championship.

For the full schedule, you can check out the official LoL esports website right here! 

The event also lets you get your fashion on with a Louis Vuitton twist. “For the 2019 World Championship, Louis Vuitton is creating, in collaboration with Riot, an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind Trophy Travel Case to hold the Summoner’s Cup, the trophy awarded to the world champions and considered the most prestigious prize in esports,” reveals Riot Games in a recent blog post. “Louis Vuitton has previously created similar trunks to support the FIFA World Cup, the Rugby World Cup, and sailing’s America’s Cup. The bespoke trunk, the first of its kind for an esports championship, will feature both traditional Louis Vuitton savoir-faire along with cutting-edge, high-tech elements inspired by the League of Legends universe.”

So hard competition but make it FASHION. 

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