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How to Watch Fortnite World Cup Finals While Playing in a Match

by Nicholas Barth

This weekend will see the highly anticipated Fortnite World Cup Finals take place where some of the best players in the world will be competing against each other to secure the lion’s share of a lucrative $30,000,000 prize pool. While there will be plenty of ways for fans to watch all of the action from the Fortnite World Cup Finals, Epic Games recently introduced a new Picture-in-Picture viewing feature that is one of the most unique ones that have ever been attempted.

This Picture-in-Picture feature allows players to watch the Fortnite Word Cup Finals while playing in their very own match. If you are curious about how you can watch this weekend’s competition and secure your own Victory Royales at the same time, be sure to check out everything you need to know below.

To use the Picture-in-Picture viewing feature, players only need to click on the “Watch Now!” button located in the upper right corner of the battle royale title’s lobby. The Picture-in-Picture video will then begin to load with a Durr Burger mini-game appearing to keep players busy. Players will then be able to watch the video and have the ability to make it full-screen. 

However, if you would like to watch the adrenaline-fueled action from the Fortnite World Cup Finals and play your match, you will have the ability to minimize the picture-in-picture video and only have it cover a corner of your screen. This will allow you to watch everything going on during the Fortnite World Cup Finals and collect your own Victory Royales at the same time. 

Epic Games did detail some issues players may experience with this new feature in their official blog post detailing the Picture-in-Picture addition and are wanting viewers to give feedback on how they can make the in-game viewing experience for events better going forward following this weekend’s festivities. 

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