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How to Use Photo Mode In Red Dead Redemption 2 On PC

by Liana Ruppert

Red Dead Redemption2 is finally on PC after all of the leaks, rumors, and wishful thinking. The game was absolutely stunning on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and now it’s even more so with PC graphics and that lovely mod support. For those curious, here is how to use the photo mode in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. 

How to use Photo Mode in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC

To use all of the filters, angles, and fancy photography in the wild, wild west, first things PC players must do is bring up the photo mode to begin with. It’s simple to do, simply press F6 on the keyboard to pause the game and bring up the in-game photo mode. From there, players will be able to use the below controls to take that perfect snapshot: 

  • Orbit/Free Cam – V
  • Zoom – []
  • Reset – R
  • Lens – ZX
  • Roll – QE
  • Advanced Mode – Tab
  • HUD – H
  • View Photos – G
  • Save Photo – LMB
  • Back – Backspace

For those really wanting to get fancy, the Advanced Mode (tab) is perfect. Here’s what you need to know about how to take that in-game photography to the next level: 

  • Contrast – []
  • Filter Intensity – Up, Down
  • Filters – Left, Right
  • Basic Mode – Tab
  • HUD – H
  • View Photos – G
  • Save Photo – LMB
  • Back – Backspace

Even if you’re using controller support to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, you still have to use R6 to get into the Photo Mode system unless you go into Settings and tinker with the controls. For those wanting controller support through and through, go under Controls and select Controller, then just select the Cycle Camera option. 

Any saved photos can be seen in the Social Club Gallery if you felt like sharing your creative hot takes, or you can use programs like AMD or NVIDIA to take screenshots as well – which is what I do because I’m lazy. Plus NVIDIA did an entire campaign about updating their drivers, so not a bad route to go through! Either way, you’re ready to use the Photo Mode in Red Dead Redemption 2! Yee – and we can’t stress this enough – haw! 

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