How To Use Photo Mode in Ghost of Tsushima

Photo Mode in Ghost of Tsushima is the perfect way to capture and share beautiful images and video clips.

Ghost of Tsushima is a fun game with engaging combat, immersive exploration, and a sweeping story. While these things are primarily what you’ll be doing, the game boasts another impressive feature that’s worth taking advantage of… Photo Mode. 

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How To Use Photo Mode in Ghost of Tsushima

The Photo Mode available in Ghost of Tsushima is surprisingly fleshed out. You can adjust just about anything you need to adjust in Photo Mode, allowing you to take the perfect picture or video clip.

To launch Photo Mode, press the right button on your d-pad. Entering Photo Mode will pause everything else in the game letting you get some cool action shots if you’re quick enough.

In Photo Mode, you’re able to adjust the camera’s position by moving it around with the right stick, or moving up and down using L2 and R2. 

Play around with moving the camera before taking a screenshot. Not only can you screenshot Jin, you can move the camera past Jin and screenshot the landscape itself.

In the Photo Mode menu, you can do other things outside of moving the camera. You can change the color of the shot making it more vivid, or going for a gritty black and white shot.

Note that you can toggle the intensity of the color effect, toning it down if needed.

You can also change the time of day, so if you feel like the backdrop would be prettier at night but it’s daytime in the game, no worries, you can make it nighttime in Photo Mode.

Similar to taking shots with a real camera, you can play around with depth of field, blurring the backdrop behind your focal point.

For example, if you want to capture Jin by himself, toggle the depth of field to blur out the background, making him the center focus.

Not a fan of how Jin is looking? You can do things like change the expression on his face (we’re huge fans of Jin’s kissy face), and choose whether you want to display or not display headgear and masks.

It’s useful if you forget to unequip a mask but want to capture Jin’s full face. If you’re capturing a landscape shot, you can increase the focus distance to ensure things far away like trees and buildings are crisp.

On the PlayStation 4, you can not only take screenshots by pressing the Share button, you can also capture video clips.

To do this, you’ll need to hold down the Share button. Once you have a video clip, you can trim as needed, like if you want to post to Twitter and want to be within the time limit requirements.

Video mode has its own little goodies for you to play with. Not only can you adjust how everything looks with things like exposure and focus, you can also add particles to the background.

If you’re in an area with trees with beautiful yellow leaves, you can add additional yellow leaves blowing around the area in the “Particles” section.

You can adjust the intensity of these particles, adding or removing particles depending on the look you’re going for. You can also adjust the wind direction and intensity, which can impact how the particles move around.

If you feel like the video clip is a little too quiet, Photo Mode also lets you add music. At the bottom of this article, we’ve included a clip we took in Photo Mode with music on, yellow leaf particles on, color adjustments, and more.

We think it’s really pretty! 

Want people to immediately recognize your screenshot or clip as coming from Ghost of Tsushima? Photo Mode lets you add the Ghost of Tsushima logo if you so desire.

If you want to become a pro at Photo Mode, we recommend setting aside some time to play around with all of the options.

Familiarize yourself with all the ways in which you can customize a shot in order to take the best photo possible. The more you play around with it, the better you’ll get.

One final note, depending on your HDR settings in the PS4 and on your TV itself, the output of your images may look different. 

We had some issues with this ourselves. For us, it was easier to ensure the fidelity of our screenshots with HDR turned off.

If your images are turning out blurry or the colors look a little different than they did on your TV, try turning HDR off when using Photo Mode and see if that helps.

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Now that you know how to use Photo Mode in Ghost of Tsushima, you should brush up on a few of the game’s other features including: 

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