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How to Use Crossplay In Outriders

by Jesse Vitelli

Outriders is out now and has crossplay between everything! Here is how to use the Crossplay feature to play with friends on a different console or PC.

How to Use Crossplay In Outriders.

If you want to play Outriders with your friends, which allows up to three players to group up you can use the normal invite system for players on the same platform, however, if you want to enable Crossp[lay to play with your friends on a different console or for a console to play with PC the steps are a little different.

Before you load into the game you can go to the right side of the screen and click the Play With Friends option. This will allow you to invite your friends on the same platform. In the same menu on the bottom left is the option to “Generate Your Game Code” or “Join A Game Using Code”. 

These are the options you need to use for Crossplay. If you’re joining a friend they need to give you the code they generated. If your friend is joining you you’ll need to give them the code you generated on your end. After punching in the code you’ll be loaded into the same instance and will be able to play through everything together. 

If you’re already in-game just go to the multiplayer banner at any camp to access the same menu. From there you can do exactly the same thing.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to use cross-play in Outriders. For more tips & tricks be sure to check out prima Games or the official Facebook and Twitter account. 

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