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How to Use Consumables in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

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Destiny is a game with several in-depth concepts to master. We covered many of them already, and today we’re going to keep the good times rolling as we take a close look at Consumables. We’ll discuss what they are, how to use them, where to find them and even share strategies to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

What are Consumables?

Consumables are one-time use items that will give you instant ammunition restoration, weapon experience or even Glimmer for slaying certain types of enemies. In other words, Consumables are items that players can activate in order to provide an in-game boost that will increase a reward for a particular situation. They can be viewed and accessed from your inventory tab, located just to the right of the character customization screen.

What types of Consumables are there?

Ammo Synthesis: This can be purchased from the Gunsmith found in the Tower Plaza. Each one can restore a player’s ammunition for his or her primary weapon. Because it can only be used once every five minutes, make your shots count.

Special Ammo Synthesis: As players might expect, this Consumable will provide a one-time restoration of their special ammunition. It can also be purchased from the Gunsmith, but again, only one can be used every five minutes.

Heavy Ammo Synthesis: The final ammunition related Consumable can restore a player’s heavy ammunition. It can be purchased from the Gunsmith at the Tower Plaza, but once again, players can only use one instance of this every five minutes.

Weapon Telemetry: This Consumable is all about helping players level up a specific weapon in a big hurry. The difference between this and the previous Consumables is that it can’t be purchased, but is sometimes found when dismantling high end and upgraded weapons.

Ether Seeds: The Ether Seeds Consumable is intended to help players generate Glimmer for killing members of the Fallen. It can’t be purchased, but will sometimes drop after players kill a high-ranking Fallen enemy, or it can also be found in Fallen loot cashes.

Black Wax Idol: Anyone who is participating in the massive loot farming that is currently taking place on the planet Earth will want to pay close attention. The Black Wax Idol works the same way as Ether Seeds, but for the Hive instead of the Fallen. We used this to generate more than 20,000 Glimmer in two hours.

Resupply Codes: This Consumable is directly tied to killing members of the Cabal. It can be found on high-ranking Cabal enemies, or from Cabal loot cashes. It’s used to produce additional Glimmer when battling against large groups of Cabal foes.

Blue Polyphage: Just as the previous three Consumables were geared toward producing additional Glimmer for killing the Fallen, Hive and Cabal, Blue Polyphage is intended to produce additional Glimmer for killing members of the Vex. It drops from high-ranking Vex or their loot cashes.

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What are some tips and tricks for using Consumables in Destiny?

Knowing when and where to use a particular Consumable is essential to getting the most from it. For example, ammunition is easy to come by during most of the campaign, but can get scarce when taking on some of the higher-ranking members of each faction. It might not be a good idea to use any of the Ammo Synthesis consumables unless you are doing battle with someone like the Devil Walker or Sepiks Prime. Even then, we rarely ever find a use for Heavy Ammo Synthesis, so consider sticking with just Ammo Synthesis or Special Ammo Synthesis.

If you’re looking to earn a lot of Glimmer in a big hurry, hit up the loot farming location on Earth. If you’re not sure where it is, head out for a Patrol on the Earth map, then make your way to Skywatch. You should see several players all bunched up and shooting into a cave, and that’s where the loot farming location is. Once you’re there, equip the Black Wax Idol, then take aim at the cave and start killing some member of the Hive. Keep an eye on the right side of your screen to see all the Glimmer you’re earning. In fact, in about two hours of loot farming the other day, we managed to pile up more than 20,000 Glimmer using this specific strategy.

In terms of strategies for the Ether Seeds, Resupply Codes and Blue Polyphage, save those Consumables for epic battles against hoards of those specific factions. The final boss battles on most of the Strikes are a great place to start, at least until the next loot farm location is found.

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