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How to Upgrade Your Grappling Hook in Just Cause 4

by Josh Hawkins

Your grappling hook is an important item in Just Cause 4 and upgrading it as you explore more and more of Solis will be extremely beneficial to making the tool even more useful. Of course, getting your hands on grappling hook mods so you can upgrade the grappling hook in Just Cause 4 can be a bit confusing at first. That’s why we’ve taken the time to sort all the details for you. Here’s everything you need to upgrade your grappling hook in Just Cause 4.

How to Upgrade Your Grappling Hook

As you explore the world in Just Cause 4, you’re going to find yourself using your grappling hook quite a bit. Not only is it a great tool for moving around the world, but it also works excellently as a weapon when you tether items together and cause even more chaos. Of course, one of the best things about the grappling hook is that you can obtain new mods for it, which allow you to upgrade it quite a bit.

In order to upgrade the grappling hook and obtain new mods you’re going to need to complete missions for three characters within the game. These characters include:

  • Sargento, who gives you access to Air Lifter modifications.
  • Javi, who grants you access to Retractor modifications.
  • And finally, Garland, who will give you access to Booster mods.

You can find these missions spread about the map throughout the game’s main story. As you progress new missions will pop up with the first letter of each character’s name, allowing you to easily tell them apart. When you complete these missions you will level up these characters, granting you access to new modifications and upgrades for the grappling hook.

To install mods or even upgrade them you can press the View button on the Xbox One controller, or the Touchpad on the PlayStation 4. This will open up a menu for your loadout, allowing you to tab over and select the grappling hook so that you can make the desired changes.

With your grappling hook upgrades, make sure you also learn more by checking out our Just Cause 4 guides  for even more helpful content and strategies to assist you in causing chaos throughout Solis.


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