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How to Unlock the Wolf and Dinosaur Masks in Battlefield Hardline

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield Hardline has been out for a week, and already the launch has been leaps and bounds better than the rocky start that plagued Battlefield 4. The game modes are fun, the gunplay is on point and there are more assignments and secrets than any first-person shooter fan can keep track of. In fact, one of those secrets caught the attention of community members, although not a lot of them seem to be too sure about how to unlock it.

Hidden deep within the assignments of Battlefield Hardline is a Wolf Mask and a Dinosaur Mask, unlocked by completing Cash Hoarder 3. These cool little additions will replace one of the gadget slots that gamers have, and will only provide cosmetic value. Actually, considering that a more useful gadget must be left behind, loading out with the Wolf Mask or Dinosaur Mask will leave players worse off than if they didn’t bother with them.

Still, we know that nothing quite beats bragging rights, so there are bound to be plenty of gamers who will wear the Wolf Mask and Dinosaur Mask just to show off. We’re cool with that, and will probably do the exact same thing.

To unlock the Wolf Mask and Dinosaur Mask, gamers will need to save up $10 million of in-game currency. Just so we’re clear, that’s not $10 million accumulated over the course of your Battlefield Hardline career, that’s the full amount that you must have available to you at the end of a round in order for the masks to unlock. Oh, and as far as which mask is for who, the Dinosaur Mask is strictly for the Criminals, and the Wolf Mask for the Cops. However, both will unlock when players have $10 million in the bank. We should also mention they don’t actually cost $10 million. You just have to have the amount.

Battlefield Hardline Cash Hoarder 3

How to Earn Cash in Battlefield Hardline

For the average player, $10 million is a sum they will probably never hit. That’s the point, as these are meant to reward the best-of-the-best, and only the most dedicated players. If anyone could unlock them, they wouldn’t be special.

The problem is, even great players are going to struggle with this one, but there is a way that you can make lots of money in a big hurry. No, it’s not a glitch or an exploit, and it will require hundreds of hours to get there, but hundreds is better than thousands, right?

To earn the most cash that you possibly can, hit up the Hotwire game mode and get into a car. Start driving around the map, keeping up your speed and staying clear of the enemy as much as possible. First of all, this helps your team win, but second, it’s currently the fastest way the average player can get big cash in a big hurry.

Just how much cash, you ask? Great players enjoying an easy round could hit $20,000 plus, but about $15,000 is reasonable. That means that in an hour of game time you’re looking at about $90,000, maybe $100,00 if things go well. Best case scenario, 100 hours of successful Hotwire could result in about $10 million in the bank, unlocking the Wolf Mask and Dinosaur Mask in Battlefield Hardline.

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