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How to Unlock Secrets in Shadow of the Colossus

by Josh Hawkins

Shadow of the Colossus is a massive game, and while the game looks simple on the surface, there is a ton of complexity and hidden secrets beneath the surface. There are many secrets to find in this ancient land, and as you explore the depths and cliffsides of the land you’re bound to come across some intriguing areas. To help you along the way we’ll show you how to unlock all secrets in Shadow of the Colossus.

How to Unlock Time Attack Mode

The main goal in Shadow of the Colossus is take defeat sixteen massive beasts call Colossi. As you explore the land and take them down you’ll need to learn their weaknesses. But, beating them the first time isn’t the end, and you can actually unlock two different Time Attack modes, which will allow you earn even more cool rewards for taking down the Colossi in a certain amount of time. To unlock this secret mode, you’ll have to beat the game once.

Fight Colossi Again in Reminiscence Mode

Enjoyed fighting the last Colossus that you took on? Or just want to challenge yourself again on a Colossus that you’ve beaten already? That’s where Reminiscence Mode comes into play. This special mode is unlocked from the start of the game, and you can always travel back to the location of the Colossi that you’ve beaten and pray to their bodies to trigger the fight once more. The different this time, though, is that things will play out similar to a memory. Grainy visuals will fill the screen, and completing a fight in Reminiscence mode will unlock the trophy: The Past That Defines Thee.

How to Travel by Bird

You can get around the game world quickly by riding Argo, your horse, but there is also something else you can do to get around the world rather quickly. The trick here, though, is that it will take a bit of stamina to pull off, so you may want to complete the game a few times and at least eat several White Lizard Tails to increase your stamina.

While on your horse, fly behind one of the massive birds in the world and then press R1 and X to stand up on your horse. You can then run under the bird and jump to grab onto it. This will allow you to hold onto the bird if you have the stamina and catch a ride wherever it takes you.

Do Tricks on Horses

You can also do several different tricks on your horse (like the standing up trick mentioned in the ‘how to travel by bird’ section). To do these you will need to get Argo to a gallop and then use the following combinations to do things.

  • Stand up on Argo – Press R1 and X while Argo is galloping.
  • Side Ride – Press R1 and then Triangle and the direction that you want to ride (left or right). This will cause you to sidle up along Argo’s side and ride off-kilter on his back.
  • 180 Degree Turn – Press X and the Down Button twice at the same time to do a 180 degree turn on Argo.
  • Quick Stop – you can come to a quick stop while riding Argo by pressing Down and X at the same time.

How to Reach the Secret Garden

You can reach the Shrine of Worship (which is where you go when you beat the game) at anytime after your first completion of the game by climbing up the ivy and wall. You’ll need a ton of stamina to do it, though, so expect to eat a lot of White Lizard Tails to pull this off.

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