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How to Unlock Pilots in Just Cause 4

by Josh Hawkins

Pilots play a vital part in Rico’s story and having access to more pilots in Just Cause 4 means you can acquire more supply drops for vehicles, guns and other items, as well as give you the ability to travel quickly around the map. If you want to be able to call in new weapons and gear as often as possible, unlocking more pilots in Just Cause 4 can help assure you’re ready for whatever loadout changes you might need.

How to Unlock Pilots

In order to unlock more pilots in Just Cause 4, you’re going to need to know a few things. First, story progression is directly tied to unlocking more pilots. That means, the further along you play in the game, the more pilots you’ll technically have access to, though you will need to complete some mini objectives in order to completely unlock the new pilots, giving you access to them.

There are currently a total of seven pilots that you can unlock in Just Cause 4 and while the first two are based solely on story progression, the final five will require you to complete some objectives to unlock them.

First, you’ll need to unlock your first pilot by completing the Illapa Project mission. This will also unlock fast travel, giving you the ability to drop into almost any place on the map. One you’ve unlocked your first pilot, continue playing through the main story mission until you unlock your second pilot.

With the second pilot unlocked, your goal at this point is two-fold. First, continue playing through the story. Second, start raising the level of your Army of Chaos. You’ll unlock additional pilots for your ranks at Level 4, Level 6, Level 9, Level 11 and finally, the last pilot will be unlocked at Level 14.

On top of unlocking all seven pilots in Just Cause 4, you can also secure specific factory locations around the map to increase the Production Speed of your pilots, allowing them to refuel faster. This means they’ll be available much quicker after each use, allowing you to utilize supply drops and even fast travel more often.

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