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How to Unlock King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

by Josh Hawkins

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a ton of great characters for players to find, but if you wish to unlock King Dedede in Smash Ultimate, he is by far one of the most challenging to add to your roster. In order to unlock King Dedede in Smash Ultimate, you’re going to need to complete the Gourmet Race, a fun little mini game that unlocks along the way. In this article we’ll show you the best route to take, which will allow you to collect all the food you need to complete the race and unlock King Dedede in Smash Ultimate.

How to Complete the Gourmet Race

In order to complete the Gourmet Race, players will need to collect different food as they make their way towards the end of the race. Now, the best path that you can take to complete the gourmet race will allow you to earn the greatest amount of food in a solitary run. Here’s the path you’ll need to follow.

At the first junction in the race, take the path up from the turn and then turn up again to collect a pear and reach the path that runs along the top of the race track. Head across the bridge and then turn onto the lower path immediately afterwards, grabbing the soup as you do so. Move between the fences to complete this transition.

Now, follow the path you’re on to grab the beverage, then turn down and move past the three trees to grab the sandwich. From here, scoop up the soup bowl and cross down to the lower path once more. Head between the two bridges to collect the salad, and then head back up immediately after you grab it. Next, take a turn upwards and grab the bread after you pass behind the rocks. Continue following this path to grab an apple as well, and then turn up once more and pass through the stone railings in the track to grab the shish kebab. Lastly, head along the topmost path and grab the chicken and then the grapes before you cross the finish line.

Following the path we just outlined above, you should have collected a total of 11 food items. This should allow you to move to the 1st place podium, giving you the chance to take on King Dedede and unlock him. Now all that is left to do is defeat this challenging opponent to add him to your roster.

Now that you’ve unlocked King Dedede, head back over to our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guides for more help unlocking all of the characters in the game.


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