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How to Unlock the Hero Forge in Pagan Online

by Nicholas Barth

It is hard to find a better time than gaining control of an all-powerful character and destroying hordes of enemies. This is the kind of excitement players can experience in the world of Pagan Online. However, one of the first steps they must complete to embark on their adventure is to unlock the game’s Hero Forge. Have you been searching for how to open the Hero Forge in Pagan Online? If so, do not worry, as we have everything you need to know to do so covered below. 

Pagan Online Hero Forge

The process for unlocking the Pagan Online Hero Forge is not a complex one. Players will be able to gain access to this particular feature very early on in their playthrough of the title. 

Pagan Online Hero Forge

Players will first need to complete the tutorial mission for Pagan Online. Following your completion of the game’s tutorial mission where you will unfortunately perish, you will be brought back to life and tasked with a critical task. This task is to help Igman survive a ruthless attack in the mission of “Igman Must Not Fall.” Once you have completed the “Igman Must Not Fall” mission, you will be able to unlock the Hero Forge. 

This structure is where you will be able to control everything there is to control regarding the heroes you play. This includes the roster of available heroes, progress and customization options for your heroes, gear details, and the pets you have available. It also will provide you with all of the information you need to know regarding each of the game’s characters such as their background, playstyle, and more. 

Unlocking the Hero Forge will allow you to kickstart the rest of your Pagan Online adventures into overdrive and experience all of the adrenaline-fueled action the title has to offer. 

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