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How to Win the Turtle Race in Chained Echoes

Someone get that damn turtle a burger and a bottle of bubbly; it earned it

by Lucas White

Chained Echoes has been building up interest as a 16-bit-styled JRPG from a small team that has a focus on keeping a brisk pace and interesting characters maintaining a compelling story. It isn’t afraid to wear its homages proudly on its back, case in point being an early game sequence loudly reminiscent of the fair in Chrono Trigger. One of the minigames you can play is a Turtle Race, which seems like gambling. Until you learn the secret, of course.

If you’re here, you’re likely wondering if there is indeed a trick to the Turtle Race, but are hesitant to give that creepy guy in the alleyway most of your carnival gimmicks. 40 is a lot, especially if you haven’t won rock, paper, scissors yet or feel like button-mashing in the eating minigame. So, I’m here to tell you that yes there is a secret to the Turtle Race, and I’ll tell you what it is.

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How to Win the Turtle Race in Chained Echoes

If you do give money to the shady guy in the alleyway, he’ll tell you to talk to the turtles. Or rather, approach the turtles and listen, mannnnn. If you do that, he says, you’ll be able to understand which turtle has fired up its fighting spirit. If you go over to the Turtle Race area, you can interact with the little fellas before making a bet. From here it’s pretty clear.

Three of the turtles will kind of… sa…y the wo….rd… tur….tle… like that. But just the one word; it’s very silly. But one of the turtles, strong and proud, will let you know it’s ready to win some fuckin’ races. That one says, “TURTLE!” There’s your winner, guaranteed.

After a race ends and you collect your winnings, you can run turtle races again and again until you’re satisfied. But the winning turtle might change positions, so make sure to keep heeding the words of the turtles.

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