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How to Use Voice Chat in XDefiant

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Voice chat in XDefiant plays a big role in careful coordination because it currently lacks a pinging system. Considering the squad-based nature of the game, it’s downright essential to have proper communication between your squad or even just your party. Here is how you can use voice chat in XDefiant

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Voice Chat in XDefiant – Explained

Voice chat is enabled by default in XDefiant, and there are multiple options you can customize in the Audio and Voice Chat section of Settings.

These options include:

  • Switching between public (all teammates) and private channels (party only)
  • Multiple Voice chat modes: Push-to-talk or Open Mic
  • The ability to switch channels in-game and disable voice chat entirely during a match with an assigned key
  • Adjusting the voice chat volume, input device, input threshold, and volume boost

XDefiant Voice Chat Default Mapping

You can rebind voice chat keys in the Mouse and Keyboard section of the Settings menu in XDefiant, but by default, the following keys are assigned to voice chat and its functions.

Voice Chat ToggleM
Voice Chat Channel SwitchN

If you’re not a fan of chatter in the comms or don’t want to engage with any potential toxicity, the ability to disable voice chat entirely is also available. Text chat is also available in-game which you can access in the menu or in-game by pressing Enter.

We hope Ubisoft implements a pinging system that takes away most of the need for voice chat. It’s been incredibly useful in Rainbow Six Siege, and I was exclusively using that function in place of voice chat.

If you’re enjoying your time in XDefiant, make sure to check out how you can get XCoins, and what those unlock. Additionally, I recommend checking out the system requirements to ensure your PC can run the game well.

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