How To Use The Market Board In Final Fantasy XIV

Get ready to make some extra Gil, and quickly spend it all afterward.

The world of Final Fantasy XIV is full of plenty of items, and sometimes, you just need to get a foot up on the competition by getting your hands on some extraordinarily powerful items quickly. That’s where the Market Board will come into play. This specialty shop can let players get their hands on plenty of exciting items quickly and easily, as long as they have the Gil to do it. Let’s find out how to use this board and what you may be able to find.

How To Use The Player Market In Final Fantasy XIV

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To use the Market Board, you’ll first need to set up an active subscription to FFXIV. Sorry, Free Trial users, but this is something that only paid players can use. Once you have subscribed to the game, you can access Market Boards in all of the main cities in the game. There are Market Boards in the following cities.

  • La Noscea – Lima Lominsa
  • Black Shroud – Gridania/Old Gridania
  • Thanalan – Ul’Dah
  • Coerthas – Ishgard
  • Hingashi – Kugane
  • Norvrandt – The Crystarium
  • The Northern Empty – Old Sharlayan

Once you approach one of these boards, select it and press the action button to open a new window. Inside the window, you can browse for new weapons, items, magic, minions, and so much more. Select your class, search for items, and have fun looking to buy new items.

But what if you’ve got an overabundance of items you no longer need? Is there any way to sell them on the Player Market, or do you need to keep selling your stuff for less than it’s worth to the generic vendors that populate the market square?

How To Sell Items On The Player/Market Board in Final Fantasy XIV

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To sell the items you no longer need, you’ll need to use the Summoning Bells that you’ll find near Market Boards. However, to use these, you will need to hire a Retainer. These work almost like a butler, holding items that you choose for them to continue trying to sell, allowing you to continue adventuring while you’re working a secondary hustle.

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To hire a Retainer, you’ll need to speak to the Retainer Wards that you can find in the Markets spread throughout the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Once you have created your specialty butler, you can get to work selling your items and making plenty of Gil to continue saving for a later investment.

Speak to your retainer by ringing the Bell, toss a few items their way and put a price on them, and head out on your adventure. Just check back occasionally to see if you’ve made the sale of a lifetime, and you’ll be ready to start raking in some excellent profits.

And that’s all there is to it. Keep your subscription active if you hope to continue using these boards, and you’ll be ready to go. There are various reasons to keep your subscription rolling, especially if you hope to use Multi-Person mounts or purchase items from the Mog Station. Be sure to check out our FFXIV Section below to keep up to date on your budding adventure or learn more about what awaits you in the end game.

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