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How to Use Sprays in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

by Ginny Woo

There are different types of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players. Some of us are multiplayer fiends who are thirsty for blood no matter the battlefield. Some of us just like collecting cool watches. Others, well, like tagging pretty much every flat surface when they’re stuck in a team situation. If you’re part of the last camp, or if you’re just curious about how to use sprays in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, we’ve got you covered. 

How to Use Sprays in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

So, maybe you’re unsure what sprays are. They’re basically things that let you graffiti the areas around you in a variety of colorful and sometimes edgy splashes. Ever wanted to just tag a wall with some neon blue bones? You can totally make this a reality. In order to use sprays, you just have to bring the ones that you’ve equipped up during a match. To equip sprays, navigate to the Identity tab (nested under Barracks), then to Sprays and Gestures. You’ll then be able to put them into a radial wheel that will come up when you press up on the directional pad for console players. 

When you have pulled up this radial wheel in matches by pressing up on the directional pad, you can scroll through the sprays that you have equipped and tag anything that you’re looking at with them: yes, this includes any teammates that might be accidentally or purposefully slacking off.

If you’re curious about how to get more sprays, it’s a simple matter of completing various challenges in Modern Warfare. Daily Challenges can award these, along with regular missions and other achievements so keep your eyes peeled when you’re browsing through missions that you haven’t yet completed if you’re looking specifically for ones that grant these sprays. 

Now that you’ve got our guide on how to use sprays in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you should be able to use your time in the next multiplayer match more ineffectively by tagging pretty much every flat surface imaginable. Don’t even try to resist, mate. We know how tempting it can be to make sure that people know where you’ve been, even if it’s hardly the practical thing to do in a gameplay sense. Who has time for practicality anyway when the bullets are flying? If you need a hand with anything else in Modern Warfare, why not check out some of these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you in our dedicated guides hub for the game?

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