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How to Use Genshin Wish Simulator and Which is the Best One?

Simulate all of the Wish rolls you ever wanted!

by Nikola L
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Wishes in Genshin Impact are the monetization model that was implemented by HoYoverse (the developer team behind Genshin Impact). They are a gamble of sorts where you trade in your real-life currency in order to get new characters, weapons, or other items, at random (of course, sigh).

Given that the odds for each Wish roll are known, Wish Simulators for Genshin Impact have started popping up. Genshin Wish Simulators allow you to simulate your Wish rolls without having to invest any money. This is, of course, a great thing to have, but does not necessarily mean that you would get the same rewards when you start rolling Wishes you paid for with real cash. If you are putting actual moolah in, be careful and don’t invest more than you are ready to lose, assuming that all rolls would be the worst possible ones, or that you might get carried away and pay significantly more money for Genshin Impact than the worth of an actual AAA game.

What are the Best Genshin Wish Simulators?

We will link five different Wish Simulators in no particular order. Use them of your own volition. All of them are fan-made and not officially endorsed by HoYoverse.

  2. Wish Sim made by Uzair Ashraf
  3. The Kima Wish Simulator
  4. AguzzTN54’s Wish Simulator on GitHub
  5. Saihou Wish Simulator for Android (has ads FYI)

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The first two are the best when it comes to visual appeal as they try to recreate the entire animation process from Genshin Impact, but for objectivity and informativity reasons we have listed a few more that we have found.

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We hope that you will enjoy these simulators and we once again remind you to spend your money responsibly.
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