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How to Find and Redeem Promotion Codes for Genshin Impact

by Lucas White

Genshin Impact is the new hotness in the gacha gaming world, and is even creeping into the greater gaming conversation. Thanks to its cross-platform play, great ambiance, and anime-style action, it’s becoming a surprise hit. Because of that, players are really digging in, and the team at miHoYo is really making the most of it. For example, there are some promo codes floating around that will give players in different regions a little boost.

Gensin Impact Redeem Codes Guide

There are requirements you actually have to meet in the game before you’ll be allowed to even enter a promotional code whenever you get one. You have to get your account to Adventure Rank 10, your overall level, to unlock the feature. From there you need to go to a specific page on the official website, which you can access just by clicking this link. You’ll need your account’s “nickname,” as well as the promo code itself. Enter that information, and you should receive the goodies in your inbox in the game.

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Now, there is a complication, and it’s the same kind of complication hampering cross-progression. PlayStation 4 users are currently locked out of this mechanism entirely. You need a miHoYo account in order to access things like promo codes and cross-progression, and Sony’s console simply doesn’t allow that. There are unique goodies for that platform to be fair, such as a PlayStation-exclusive glider.

But for now, the PS4 version remains walled off from the rest of the Genshin Impact systems, with the exception of regular cross-play multiplayer. Anything more complicated than that is a no-go.

With that said, if you’re playing on PC or mobile, you can swap between platforms on the fly, and redeem promotional codes. To that end, there’s a set of promo codes floating around that seem to work for everyone, so we’re listing them below. Each code does the same thing; there’s just one for each of the three regions for Genshin Impact’s global release.

  • SEA – GENSHIN0928A
  • EU – GENSHIN0928E
  • NA – GENSHIN0928N 

If you take this code to the redemption page after reaching Adventure Level 10, you’ll be able to receive 60 Primogems, and 10,000 Mora. That isn’t a whole lot, but in a game like this every little bit helps.

How are you faring right now in the world of Genshin Impact? Are you on PS4 and frustrated you can’t move around? Or are you living it up over on your mobile phone and PC? Let us know what you’re up to over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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