How to Use and Disable Tac-Stance in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

You can now look cool and aim straight with this feature in Modern Warfare 3.

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Tactical Stance or Tac-Stance is a feature in Modern Warfare 3 that allows you to hip-fire while also aiming from the side of the weapon. In this guide, we will tell you how to use Tac-Stance or disable it in the game.

How to Use Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3

To use Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3, simply aim down sight and press the down button on the D-pad on the Controller and V on the keyboard. It will activate the Tac-Stance, and the crosshair on the screen will shrink, giving you reduced bullet spread and better accuracy.

Tactical Stance is to be used when you want that extra accuracy while hip-firing with an SMG or an Assault Rifle. You can also use it with a Sniper Rifle when you are fully scoped in and want to hip-fire at an enemy close to you.

Also, the game automatically activates Tac-Stance when you aim while sliding. That is if you have it enabled in the settings.

If you get annoyed by the constant switching to Tactical Stance while sliding, you can disable it from the settings.

How to Disable Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3

To disable Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings menu by pressing on the cog in the top right corner or by pressing F3 on the keyboard.
  • Click on the Keyboard & Mouse or Controller option on the left.
  • Head to the Gameplay tab and look for the Tactical Stance Activation and Tactical Stance Behavior options under Combat Behaviors.
  • Turn the Tactical Stance Activation to OFF to disable Tac-Stance.

Now with the Tactical Stance disabled, it will no longer activate automatically when you slide.

If you want to learn how to slide cancel in MW3, check out our How to Slide Cancel in Modern Warfare 3 guide.

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