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Starfield Fueled Generator
Image via Prima Games.

How to Use a Fueled Generator in Starfield

A Fueled Generator feels like calling something a Powered Light.

When it comes to building an Outpost in Starfield, having the right amount of Power is going to be the key to doing anything practical. Sure, you can put down a few buildings and workbenches and be fine, but if you want to set up some defenses or build some Extractors, you’ll need some of that sweet electrical juice. That’s where certain Power sources come in, including one that’s unique in a few ways. Here’s how to use a Fueled Generator in Starfield.

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How to Set Up a Fueled Generator in Starfield

Starfield Generator and Storage Container
Screenshot by Prima Games

To set up a Fueled Generator in Starfield, you’ll first want to place one down from the Build Menu. To build one, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 1x Isocentered Magnet
  • 1x Tau Grade Rheostat
  • 1x Austenitic Manifold
  • 4x Tungsten

With it placed down, you’ll notice rather quickly that it isn’t providing you with any Power. That’s because it’s the only Power source in Starfield that requires a resource to function. In this case, that’s Helium-3. I have a whole guide on how to mine Helium-3, which I’ll link below. However, if you already know how to mine some, I’d suggest using Kurtz, the moon of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

Once you have some Helium-3, you’ll want to set up a storage container for gas nearby. To build one, you’ll need the following resources:

  • 3x Adaptive Frame
  • 6x Copper
  • 5x Tungsten

Once that’s set up, you’ll want to create an Output Link from the gas storage container to the Fueled Generator. This can be done by going into Build Mode, switching to Modify Mode, and then pressing either right-click on PC or LT on a controller. Once you have the line, connect it to the Fueled Generator. All that’s left now is to feed Helium-3 into the gas storage container, and press either E or the A button on the Fueled Generator to power it up.

How to Automatically Transfer Helium-3 Into the Fueled Generator

Starfield Cargo Link
Image via Prima Games.

The following method only works if your Outposts are within the same star system. Automation is impossible otherwise, so feel free to skip this section if they aren’t.

If you don’t want to transfer the Helium-3 from your Extractor to your Fueled Generator every five minutes, then you have two options. Firstly, you can build your Outpost on the planet with the Helium-3 Extractor and use an Output Link from the Extractor to the gas storage container. However, that likely isn’t ideal for the majority of you. That’s why the Cargo Link exists.

To set this up, you’ll need to build a Cargo Link in both the Outpost with the Fueled Generator, and the Outpost with the Helium-3 Extractor. Accounting for the fact you need to build two of them, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 4x Zero Wire
  • 4x Beryllium
  • 40x Iron
  • 24x Aluminum

Once you have both set up, link them together so that the Helium-3 Extractor has an Output Link going into its Cargo Link’s Outgoing container, and the other Cargo Link’s Incoming Container has an Output Link going into the gas storage container. This will automatically send all produced Helium-3 into your Fueled Generator, and keep it powered permanently.

Is the Fueled Generator Worth It in Starfield?

Starfield Powered Generator
Image via Prima Games.

The Fueled Generator will provide 20 Power to your Outpost when active, making it the largest producer of Power in Starfield. This is compared to the Solar Array, which produces six Power, and the Wind Turbine, which only produces 5 Power. However, the big caveat is the Helium-3 requirement, meaning you’ll need both a second Outpost and multiple trips.

If you’re planning to get into Outposts heavily, then the Fueled Generator makes a lot of sense among the other Outpost management duties you’ll be conducting. If you’re only planning on dabbling in Outposts though, then you’re better off saving the resources and dealing with regular Power sources instead.

For those of you who are trying to build up their Outpost with all the greatest tech, check out our guide on how to use Transfer Containers in Starfield.

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