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How to Update Animal Crossing: New Horizons

by Nicholas Barth

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched with plenty of things for players to experience and enjoy. However, this has not stopped Nintendo from creating additional content for the title. These other pieces of content are added to the game through updates that players must download to enjoy whatever new things or changes that have been added to the title. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know when it comes to how to update Animal Crossing: New Horizons covered for you so that you do not miss out on any future content.

How to Update Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Now, players must make sure that their Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet, as you will not be able to update the game if it is not connected to the internet. Once you are connected to the internet, make your way to the Nintendo Switch home screen and launch the title. The latest update will then begin to download and install automatically, so players do not have to do any additional steps when they start their game. All they must do is wait for the update to download and install. The amount of time this takes will depend on the size of the updates. 

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If you Nintendo Switch is already connected to the internet, the update will automatically install and download without you having to do anything. 

Players will then see the newest version number for the game on the title screen when the update is successfully downloaded and installed.

Having Animal Crossing: New Horizons updated to the most recent version is not only necessary if you want to experience the latest content for the title. Players must all be using the same version of the game if they’re going to play together. This requirement means that if you do not have your game updated to the latest version and your friend does, you will not be able to play together until you have installed the newest update.

How to Update Animal Crossing New Horizons

Due to the high level of popularity of the game, there is no doubt that Nintendo has plenty of future updates planned to keep the community interested in experiencing everything that the entertaining world has to offer. 

Knowing how to update the latest entry in the fan-favorite Nintendo franchise will allow you to enjoy all of the future content that will be arriving in the game. Let us know how you are enjoying the title over on Facebook and Twitter! You can grab a copy of the game and support Prima Games at the same time by purchasing Animal Crossing: New Horizons through this link

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