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How to Unlock the amiibo Gazebo in Fire Emblem Engage

Strike fear in your enemies' hearts with a variety of cosmetics

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve been steadfastly collecting amiibo figures and amiibo cards, you might wonder if Fire Emblem Engage has any secrets or bonuses for you. After all, Fire Emblem: Three Houses did! Well, never fear because you can get a wide assortment of cosmetic boons in this installment, too. Here’s how to unlock the amiibo Gazebo in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to Unlock the amiibo Gazebo in Fire Emblem Engage

If you’ve just started the game, you’ve likely been introduced to the bucolic slice of paradise that you and your army call home: the Somniel. This floating island offers you and your friends a reprieve from the endless scheming and killing of the Fell Dragon.

It’s also a place with an assortment of things to do, from dining with your friends to taking a ride on the back of a wyvern. But it’s here that you can also find the coveted amiibo gazebo. But to access it, you’ll first need to reach and complete Chapter 6. Many things on the island unlock slowly as you progress through the story.

This gazebo is tucked away in the far back of the island. And one of the easiest ways to access it is to open the map of the Somniel and fast travel to the Orchard. The Orchard offers an idyllic place to pluck peaches and oranges, but it’s also home to the gazebo.

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Approach it, and you’ll have the option to interact with it. Do so, and you’ll be prompted to scan your amiibo figures or cards, which don’t have to be Fire Emblem related! But Fire Emblem amiibo will receive more specific benefits, like Fashion Tickets that will allow you to unlock unique hero styles, from Marth to Byleth.

Have fun exploring!

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