How to Unlock Stims in Modern Warfare 3

Speed up the healing

Stims MW3
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In a fast-paced game like Modern Warfare 3, it can feel like a lifetime before your health regens in a tough fight, so you want to have Stims applied to your class. But you need to unlock them first and I can help you quickly gain access through the Armory.

How to Get Stims in MW3

You need to complete three daily challenges in the Armory to unlock the Stim tactical in Modern Warfare 3. The Armory is unlocked after level 25, so there is no way to gain access to the increased healing equipment until you gain some more XP. After reaching level 25, you can start viewing everything in the unlocks system.

Stim Modern Warfare 3
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When you open up the Armory Unlock system, you can scroll over to Tacticals and then activate the Stim upgrade. You can only have one active unlock at a time that tracks your challenge progress, so it’s important to choose the Stim if you want that first. All of your Daily Challenges can be found in the top left corner of the main Multiplayer or Zombies lobby.

If you already did your standard Daily Challenges, there’s no need to wait until the reset. A bonus challenge always tasks you with killing Zombies or winning one Multiplayer match in any mode. Once you complete the challenge, you get one point toward the Armory unlock, and the bonus resets again.

To use the Stims, just head to any of your custom loadouts and select the Tacticals section. You can choose the Stims as your equipment of choice or you can stick with Stun Grenades. In casual modes, I highly recommend sticking with the healing regeneration, but it’s really all up to personal preference.

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