How To Unlock Golden Jimmy In Stumble Guys (Mr. Beast)

Grab your Feastables and get ready for this exciting event.

No matter where you go, it’s hard not to see the impact that Mr. Beast has put on our world and the way we consume media. From record-breaking videos on YouTube to collaborations with Stumble Guys and Fortnite, it seems we can’t escape the visage of this bearded philanthropist. However, no matter if you need to get your hands on the Mr. Beast skins in Stumble Guys for the meme or just love the work that he does, a special Golden variant lies waiting for you within the world of this Fall Guys-inspired game, but not much information is given on how to unlock him. We’re here to help you out.

How To Unlock Golden Mr. Beast In Stumble Guys

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From now until August 24, 2023, players can log into Stumble Guys on either PC or Mobile to start playing a variety of new modes and maps, all based on the Mr. Beast theme. Two separate modes are also available, giving players the chance to earn either Beast Bucks, which can be redeemed for special Mr. Beast-themed skins, or a chance to earn Gems, which unlock standard costumes.

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But, if you’re striving to get your hands on the Golden Jimmy skin, you’re going to need to jump into the second playable mode, called MrBeast’s Olympiad. Here, you’ll be challenged to partake in three different events against 31 other players, and the only way to obtain this skin is by emerging victorious over them all. Yes, a single win is enough to give you the Golden Jimmy skin, which you can equip from the main menu at any time after it has been unlocked.

If you’re worried that these skins are going to disappear after the event, no need to worry. They’ll stay in your inventory for all eternity after you’ve unlocked them, they aren’t going anywhere. So, get ready to stumble and bring home the gold in more ways than one.

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