How to Unlock Dynamic Foundations in LEGO Fortnite

For faster travels and alike

Lego Fortnite Dynamic Foundation Featured

Dynamic Foundation is the key piece to any vehicle you might wanna build in your LEGO Fortnite world, but you first need to unlock its recipe, which isn’t available from the start. And doing so will require some extra effort than usual.

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Where to Get Dynamic Foundation in LEGO Fortnite

Dynamic Foundation can be crafted from the Toys tab in your Craft menu once you get its main materials: four pieces of Flexwood. These can be found in the Dry Valley areas and deserts by cutting down some Cacti. Be mindful that Cactus won’t give you the material if you don’t use a Rare Axe, which also takes quite a while to get, so this is not an early unlock.


You must have upgraded the Crafting Bench to level 3 in order to craft a Rare Forest Axe.

But once you get the right tools for the job, you can wander around the wastelands searching for the right tree and collect a few of them. Once you get some Flexwood in your inventory, the Dynamic Foundation recipe should be available for you. Note that the Dynamic alone won’t be enough to make a vehicle like a boat, a car or a plane, and you’ll need some extra tools for that.

Cars need wheels and thrusters to work, for example. Those also require some extra Flexwood, so make sure to grab as much of it as you can before heading back to your main hub. Other vehicle-type constructions will also need a lot of the tools that are usually found on the Toys crafting tab, so stock up on items for those if you can.

Crafting some Dynamic Foundations will be essential if you’re looking for some fast travel in the game, since this is one of the few ways you can get something quicker in this game. And considering how much stuff you’ll probably have to gather in a playthrough, this will be more than necessary.

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