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How to Unlock DedSec Faction in XDefiant

You can now play as the hackers from the Watch Dogs 2 in XDefiant.

When you launch XDefiant for the first time, you will notice that the DedSec faction, a group of iconic hackers from Watch Dogs 2, needs to be unlocked before you can play as them. Here is all you need to know on how to unlock the DedSec faction in XDefiant.

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How to Get the DedSec Faction in XDefiant

To unlock the DedSec faction in XDefiant, you need to complete a Major Challenge in the game that will get you the DedSec faction for free. The challenge is to earn 700,000 XP points to unlock the DedSec faction.

You can earn XP Points by killing enemies as much as you can and getting the highest score in the match. The more matches you play, the closer you will get to reaching the milestone. Also, completing the Base and Daily challenges will net you a huge amount of XP Points. Daily challenges give you as much as 10,000 XP points, and they reset after every 24 hours. These challenges are simple to complete and take no time.

However, if you don’t want to grind to 700,000 XP points, you can also purchase the DedSec faction with XCoins. There are two options to select from:

  • Purchase Sebastian and DedSec Faction for 1,000 XCoins.
  • Purchase all DedSec characters, DedSec Player Card, P90 Skin, and Game Over Sebastian for 2,500 XCoins.

This option is available for players who would much rather unlock the DedSec faction instantly using in-game currency. You have the option to get 1,000 XCoins for $10 or get a bundle of 2,100 XCoins for $20. Either way, if you are eager to play with your favorite characters from Watch Dogs 2, you can get them instantly by spending real money.

And these are all the ways you can unlock the DedSec faction in XDefiant. If you are looking to get free skins and bundles in the game, then you should look into how to get free Twitch Drops for XDefiant.

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