Warhammer 40K: Darktide Chainsword
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How to Unlock and Use the Chainsword in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Let's slice into the Chainsword's juicy details.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide combines two great bits of tech into a single weapon on many occasions and to incredible effect. A lightning gun and a hammer make up the incredible Thunder Hammer for the Zealot, a shotgun and automatic rifle become the Ripper Gun for the Ogryn, and a sniper and semi-automatic rifle make up the Bolter for the Zealot and Veteran. The weapon that easily stands out the most though lies in the Zealot, Psyker, and Veteran’s arsenal, ripping through foes like a hot sword through butter. Here’s how to unlock and use the Chainsword in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

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How to Get the Chainsword in Darktide

Thanks to the weapon being available for three separate classes, the unlock levels are vastly different. The Psyker will first see the weapon in shops at around trust level 16, the Veteran will be able to use it at trust level 10, and the Zealot can deliver their holy bloody gospel at trust level nine. Given that the Eviscerator unlocks for their class at trust level 11 though, chances are you won’t be using it too much.

As for how you use the Chainsword, there isn’t too much complexity but still a surprising amount for a chainsaw sword. Light attacks are quick swings that are great for single-target hits. Heavy attacks have a bit of cleave to them which makes it nice for clearing out several foes. The special action is where things get interesting though, revving up the Chainsword and letting you do a hefty amount of single-target damage.

To some people’s surprise, the revved-up Chainsaw does different amounts of damage depending on the following attack being like and heavy. Testing it on an exposed part of the Bulwark’s back, a light-revved attack dealt 780 damage while a heavy-revved attack output around 1100 damage. This means you’ll likely want to use the light-revved attack on smaller foes, while the bigger ones should take a heavy attack.

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Despite its basic heavy attack having cleave properties, we suggest using this weapon with a ranged weapon capable of dealing with hordes. Its damage outside of revved attacks isn’t incredible and is more suited for dealing high single-target damage. This doesn’t make it a bad weapon per se, especially when it comes to the fun factor. It’s just something we feel is worth keeping in mind.

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