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How To Turn Off Dynamic Animated Faces In Roblox

Don't want the animation? You're not alone. Find out how to fix that here.

If you’ve recently logged into your Roblox account and suddenly start seeing your avatar blinking and moving its mouth, you’re not alone. I hadn’t logged into my account for a period, and suddenly my character started moving their face and mouth and I was shocked. While it’s a welcome change to see more life injected into these characters, sometimes you just want to stick with the classics. Let’s find out how to change this so we don’t need to worry about this affecting you.

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How To Turn Off Animated Heads In Roblox

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If you enter the Style menu when you’re customizing your avatar, you may notice a small winking face in the bottom right-hand corner of the item you’re using. This means that this face can be animated, which may be jarring for some players at first. If you’re hoping to go back to the standard, you’ll just want to select Classic Heads and select any of the head shapes available here. This will revert your face to static, but you may need to do this again in the future if your character starts blinking and moving their mouth once again.

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However, there is also another option for players who have verified their accounts: Dynamic Animation. This will use your webcam on your PC to accurately mimic your face, and can also be used with Voice Chat, so your character will look like they are speaking. Since this feature is only available to verified accounts, or at least accounts that are verified for 13+ Years, you’ll need to turn it on before it’s able to be used. If you turned this on a while back and don’t remember how to turn it off, follow these simple steps:

This will remove the Dynamic Animation from your Robloxians face, allowing you to be static and stoic as per the normal. While it could be fun to do that in certain situations, there are just some times when you may not want to be on camera. If you’re hoping to have the animation without the camera, this is also the easiest way to make it happen.

There may come a time when these tips may not work any longer, so we’ll just need to hold onto that classic Roblox feeling for as long as we can. While you’re here, be sure to check out our Roblox section below to get your hands on countless codes, experience recommendations, and Error Code fixes that will keep your Roblox experience as smooth as possible.

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