How to Synthesize Relics in Honkai: Star Rail

You still need good luck tho

Relic farming for delving further deep into the Simulated Universe and/or the Forgotten Hall is Honkai: Star Rail’s definition of an endgame. But it’s also arguably the hardest part as things will rarely go as you planned. Any veteran gacha player knows the struggle of getting perfect substats/rolls, but at least things can be made technically easier by synthesizing your own Relics. And here’s what you need to start doing just that in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to Craft Relics in Honkai: Star Rail

Relic Crafting is unlocked after reaching Trailblazer Level 40 and completing your Trial of the Equilibrium Mission to achieve Equilibrium Level 3. The Relic Crafting tab will now be available in the Synthesize option in the main menu, where you can choose any of the existing Relic or Planar Ornament sets to synthesize.

And right after unlocking it, the first thing you’ll notice is that you can choose which part you’ll be synthesizing. Instead of randomly throwing some useless dupes into the synthesizer and hoping for your last missing part of a set, you can simply choose which one you’ll be crafting right away. Take that, RNGesus!

Crafting a 5-star Relic consumes 100 Relic Remains, and you can get those by salvaging 5-star Relics themselves. You get 10 Remains per Relic salvaged, so it’s a 10:1 ratio for getting a specific part. It might sound like a lot, but it gives your extra Relics a purpose after spending hundreds of Trailblaze Power in the same Cavern of Corrosion without getting a single usable part.

You thought that was all? We’re not done yet. You can even choose which main status you want that item to receive! Head and Hands parts have fixed main stats (HP and ATK respectively), but all other parts can be Customized to have your desired stat. 

Honkai Star Rail Craft Relics Customize
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Yes, you can use this to get that Planar Sphere with a specific DMG-type bonus you’ve been looking for for ages. Sub-stats are still random, as well as which stat will be boosted when leveling said Relic.

And you can’t do it as much as you like either. Picking a specific main stat consumes a Self-Modeling Resin, an item currently only obtained through the Nameless Honor Level 40. No need to buy the upgraded version, you get the Resin with the F2P version too. But this is currently the only way of getting this Resin, so you can only get one of these every 40 days.

Should You Craft Your Relics?

Yes. Definitely. Do it! Farming for Relics is already hard enough as it is, so you definitely should be using the synthesizer to your advantage. Attack-oriented sets will usually have nothing to do with defensive stats such as DEF% or HP%, so those can be safely salvaged most of the time. 

It’s always more efficient to recycle useless Relics than just leave them to rot in your inventory or use them as leveling experience. You should be doing it as soon as you get some unnecessary 5-stars, and will definitely help your grind for the perfect items. It will still be painful, but slightly faster.

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