How to Survive Your First Night in Palworld

There's more to it than catching a few Pals and eating berries.
Palworld how to survive your first night
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Although Palworld is full of adorable creatures you can interact with, numerous dangers can quickly wipe out your character and Pals if you’re not careful. Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to surviving your first few nights in Palworld.

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Tips and Tricks for Surviving Your First Night in Palworld

When you start your Palworld playthrough, you’ll find tutorials in the corner of your screen outlining the steps to create your first few tools and buildings. At first, you’ll start with the basics – a pickaxe, axe, primitive workbench, and some Pal Spheres – and progressively build your way up to advanced structures, guns, and more.

Essential Resources

Similarly, there are four resources you’ll always need throughout your playthrough right from the get-go: wood, stone, Paldium fragments, and ore. While others are necessary for certain tools or structures, and more will become essential as you progress further, these four will get you through your first few nights.

All four are available around the map, with wood and stone dropped on the floor for you to pick up without using a pickaxe or axe. Obtaining these resources will naturally become effortless as you get better gear and structures.

Important Technology Upgrades

Likewise, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the technology menu. There are a few key upgrades you’ll want as soon as possible:

  1. Everything in level one
  2. Palbox
  3. Pal Sphere
  4. Campfire
  5. Common Shield
  6. Cloth Outfit
  7. Anything that appears in your tutorial/base objectives

These items are key to survival in your first few levels, especially your tools, weapons, and armor. Tools help you gain resources, weapons are vital for fighting wild Pals and raid enemies, and armor protects you against cold and heat.

Surviving Against Heat and Cold

It becomes cold as the sun sets and nightfall approaches, so getting at least a torch or campfire to protect yourself is crucial. From here, you can eventually get a cloth outfit, which will protect you against the cold even if you don’t have a torch. While the cold won’t kill you instantly, it’ll slowly drain your HP, giving you time to suit up or get to a heat source.

Likewise, intense heat can also damage you, so having proper armor to protect against this will help you, too. However, of the two, cold is the main one you’ll encounter and is the one you’ll prioritize during your first new nights.

Alternatively, you can make a bed and sleep away the night. However, there are benefits to nightfall, such as night-specific Pals spawning around the world for you to catch.

Always Have Food on Hand

Like many survival games, you’ll have to survive against the weather and constant hunger, requiring you to gather food and eat. Fortunately, Palworld offers several ways to obtain food, from harvesting wild berries to defeating Pals to obtain meat.

As long as you consistently catch Pals, you’ll generally have plenty of food available to eat. However, you’ll still want to keep an eye on your food supply, especially in your first few nights, as it’s easy to lose track of this if it isn’t in your mind.

Keep an Eye on Your Pals

While your survival is the most important aspect of Palworld, your Pals’ health is crucial, too. More specifically, as you begin catching Pals and using them in your base, their hunger and sanity will slowly drain. Make sure you create a food box for them as soon as possible, and keep it full of berries and other food to satisfy them.

Pals require sleep, too, so creating straw beds at the beginning will keep them happy, making them extra efficient as they work around your base.

Lastly, check their work tasks, as each Pal prefers different jobs. While you might see a Cattiva breaking stones constantly, your Chikipi may just sit on a rock and idle around your base all day. Knowing what your Pals are doing and assigning them to important tasks will help you stay self-sufficient while you explore the world and gather more resources, allowing you to find more Pals and expand your base quickly.

Be Careful of Who You Fight

Throughout Palworld, you’ll encounter numerous Pals and enemies, some eager to attack you on sight. You’ll also find human enemies in the wild and those who raid your camp. While they won’t appear immediately, they’ll start to invade sooner than you’d expect.

Be careful of your character and party’s current levels and your current gear, as these will significantly determine your strength against others. For example, if you and your Pals are level two or three, you won’t want to jump into a fight against a level 30 Pal. Focus on getting technology upgrades and building up your base and gear before venturing into the world and determining what enemies you can handle.

You can often approach wild Pals and fight them to figure out your strength. If you struggle against a level five Pal, you may want to avoid an Alpha Pal until you get better weapons and armor. Likewise, if you can beat Alpha Pals, you can test your luck against groups of Pals or stronger enemies.

Over time, you’ll get better items, structures, and technology to survive beyond the first night. However, hopefully, these tips will help you get through the initial hurdles so you can make your way to this point.

Good luck surviving your first night in Palworld! To learn more about the game, check out whether Palworld has modding support, or click the tag below to browse our growing content collection.

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