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How to Surf in CS:GO – Surfing Tips and Tricks

by Nikola Pajtic

Valve has given the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community the option to create custom modes, with Surfing up triangular ramps being one of the most popular. Here’s how to Surf in CS:GO, along with some tips and tricks.

How to Surf in CS:GO

Surfing in CS:GO differs much from surfing in real life and is more like parkour as you overcome obstacles, jump over gaps, and try not to fall in. It might look rather easy once you check out the controls, but it is not and requires a lot of practice to nail down.

There are two main surf modes: Skill Surf and Combat Surf. In Skill Surf mode, you are in a race against the clock to set the best time on the ramp. On the other hand, Combat Surf is exactly as it sounds – you engage in combat against other players as you surf.

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Before setting out on a ramp, you first need to select the map and start the game. To do so, open the console with the ‘~’ key and type something like ‘map workshop\450516696\surf_summer’ or another map. There are plenty to choose from. 

Next, it is time to enter CS:GO commands for surfing. For a beginner, these will be a great starting point: 

  • “bot_kick”, “sv_cheats 1”,
  • “mp_warmup_end”
  • “mp_roundtime 60” – This one sets a 60-minute time limit while also kicking out all bots from the map. It will be easier for you to surf without interruption as the bots are notorious for getting in the way.

CS:GO Surfing Tips and Tricks

  1. Jump on the slanted ramp. 
  2. Once you land on the strafing field, hold A or D to remain on the surface, depending on which side you’re on. Hold A if you are on the right side of the ramp and D if you are on the left side. Try to be as close to the center as you can. 
  3. When turning, use both A or D and your mouse. Your inputs need to be synchronized so point the mouse where you want to go and press the corresponding button on your keyboard. 
  4. Do not use the W and S buttons as they can hinder your surfing experience and may even lead to your death. 

These are basic tips and tricks on how to surf in CS:GO. Remember that practice makes it perfect, so don’t get too frustrated if you fall off the ramp several times – you will get used to it. 

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