How to Surf in CS2

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How to Surf in CS2
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Surfing in Counter-Strike has been among the most popular “unofficial disciplines” ever since the original Counter-Strike days, alongside bunnyhopping (bhop) and many others. All iterations of the Source engine have some weird physics aspects when it comes to gliding on steep slopes, called “surfing,” and it didn’t take long for the community to start making surf maps. We have some beginner tips for you if you want to learn how to surf in CS2.

Beginner Tips for Surfing in Counter-Strike 2

Most surf games start with you jumping off the starting platform onto a curved slope. Naturally, you will fall off the edge and return to square one if you don’t do anything. A lot of Counter-Strike players are quick to give up on surfing. Still, honestly, you do not need to be a surf professional to enjoy surfing in CS2. Here are the core tips that should help you get a hang of the surfing technique in CS2.

  1. After you make the first jump, forget about W and S. You will only need the strafe keys (A and D being the default ones). You will use the inertia momentum, and touching W or S will completely disrupt your rhythm and make you fall.
  2. When you slide down the slope, you need to counter that with a strafe key that would lead you in the opposite direction (i.e., if you start falling to the right, you need to strafe left and vice versa.
    • Use your mouse to control the direction of your movement. The idea is to move the mouse in the same direction you are strafing in to build momentum.
    • Jump up from the edge of one surf platform to jump onto the next one.

Practice makes perfect, all in all, and I advise you to keep trying. Make sure to check out when will the workshop be available in CS2 since the surf community in CS2 greatly depends on it.

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