How to Stop the Blood Harvest in Diablo 4

Time to get murdering!

Erys is a mysterious figure hellbent on stopping the vampire menace that’s sweeping through Sanctuary. But after she vanishes during the Battle of Fear and Faith, you’re left to pick up where she left off. And the hardest part of that is seeking out and stopping the Blood Harvest in Diablo 4.

How to Seek Out and Stop the Blood Harvest in the Battle of Fear and Faith in Diablo 4

The Blood Harvest is one of the best aspects of Diablo 4 Season 2. It’s essentially a smaller roving Helltide. And that means it’s the perfect location to farm out levels and grind out gear.

But it’s also the central piece of the last step of the seasonal quest, Battle of Fear and Faith.

After returning to Ked Bardu and the Magistrate’s Office, you’ll find two Accursed Vampires. Erys is nowhere to be found. But before we chase after her, we’ll need to seek out and stop the Blood Harvest.

You’ll then notice that there’s a bar on the right-hand side of your screen which you can slowly fill up. Once you’ve started this quest, head to the Blood Harvest on the map.

To fill up the Blood Harvest bar for your quest, you can complete any activity within the Blood Harvest. Blood Harvests are the area on your map covered in green. They stay in one location for an hour before moving to another place on the map. Your progress for this quest is retained, even if the Blood Harvest you’re currently in moves.

Killing mobs will give you next to no progress on your quest bar. Instead, prioritize activities you find around you. The best activities for completing Seeking Out and Stopping the Blood Harvest are:

  • Killing Seekers.
  • Destroying Vampire Structures.
  • Rescuing villagers.
  • Burning corpse piles.
  • Laying restless souls to rest.

Even if an activity is not marked completed it will still contribute to your quest bar. So, for example, if you see a villager in a locked cage let them out of it for some nice progression.

The fastest way to fill up the quest bar is to find Altars of Sanguine and summon Blood Seekers. That’s because Blood Lures, which drop from most enemies, are fairly plentiful. And each Blood Seeker you kill gives you significant progress in your quest bar. Likewise, Seeker Caches are a great source of loot and Potent Blood.

But even with this method, you should expect to dedicate an hour or more to completing this step.

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