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How to Fix the High Price to Pay Bug in Starfield

How do they expect the cavalry to arrive if they won't let us land?

Encountering bugs in Starfield, particularly in the “High Price to Pay” quest of the main Constellation storyline, is not uncommon with Bethesda games. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a quick solution for the issue where landing on The Lodge becomes impossible. Fixing the High Price to Pay Starfield bug will likely take you less than a minute.

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Fixing Starfield’s High Price to Pay Bug

To fix the High Price to Pay bug, go to another star system, and then go back to Jemison. You should be able to land at the Lodge after that. Luckily, only some people encounter this bug, but if you do, you will notice that everything in the city of New Atlantis is grayed out and that you have no option to land your spaceship.

To land successfully on the port and go to the Lodge in Starfield’s High Price to Pay quest, you must first visit another system (Sol would be a close enough option). Then, you would need to return to Alpha Centauri. Upon returning, you will see that landing on The Lodge is an option. See the before and after screenshots below:

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It is quite an unpleasant bug, but we are glad the solution is easy and swift. Once you travel back and forth you can continue your journey among the stars.

Fix High Price to Pay Bug, Summarized

Fortunately, resolving the High Price to Pay bug in Starfield takes just a minute with these steps:

  1. Open the space map and perform a gravity jump to a neighboring system, such as Sol System or Sakharov System, depending on your fuel capacity.
  2. Wait briefly and return to Alpha Centauri, specifically to Jemison planet.
  3. Attempt to land at The Lodge landing point again; you should encounter no further issues.
  4. If the problem persists, restart the game as a potential solution.

In case you want to check out the performance of your PC, make sure to check How to show FPS in Starfield, and if you want to create memorable screenshots without the UI clutter on them, definitely see how to activate Photo Mode in Starfield. Hopefully, we’ve helped you fix the High Price To Pay Starfield bug. Click on the Starfield game tag below for more Starfield guides. Safe travels!

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