How to Sign Out of Valorant

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In this day and age, a lot of online video games require you to have an account to play. For most players, that’s absolutely fine if they only need one account and they don’t share their device with anyone. However, many people share their devices with other people and/or have multiple accounts for themselves (ah, yes, those smurfers), and signing out of your Valorant account is not an option that’s in plain sight. Prima Games is here to help you with the logout process in Valorant.

Please Close Other Riot Games Products Before Signing Out Valorant Error Fix

There are two known ways to Sign Out (or Log Out) of your Account in Valorant. The first one is to log out of the Riot Client directly. Within Riot Client, click on the profile icon in the top right corner, and then click on the Sign Out option.

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The second option is to choose the Sign Out and Exit option when closing Valorant.

How to Log Out of your Account in Valorant (Sign Out & Exit Button Grayed Out)

If you still have the error above, hit Win+R to open the Run menu on your Windows, and type “appdata”. The appdata folder will open. Navigate to Local / Riot Games and delete the folders “Install Valorant,” “Riot Client,” and “Valorant.”

Next, uninstall Vanguard. This will force Vanguard to re-download when you next run the Riot Client.

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Before you rerun the Riot Client, make sure to restart your PC.

That should resolve the Sign Out issue. If you still encounter problems after these troubleshooting steps, try reinstalling the game. If this does not work either, reach out to Riot Games / Valorant support and explain all the steps you’ve tried so far.

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