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How to Show Julien a Special Sight in Genshin Impact

"Make it as simple as possible" challenge. Level: Impossible

by Patrick Souza
Genshin Impact Show Julien a Special Sight

During the An Artist Adrift quest in Genshin Impact, players might come across a certain objective that clearly lacks information. In its third and final step, the Traveler is prompted to “Show Julien a special sight”, plain and simple. No extra context is given, and the player is expected to find out what they should do to conclude this World Quest. While the solution is quite simple, it is not obvious in the slightest, especially if you have not explored this area completely yet. Here are the steps you need to take.

Showing a Special Sight to Julien in Genshin Impact

As with pretty much anything in the desert areas introduced in 3.6, the key is to use Sorush. You certainly have unlocked it already (otherwise you cannot even get to Julien’s quest), and all you gotta do is use it next to the flowers in the circled area where your quest objective should be at.

Enter Sorush mode and start floating next to the flowers to start a time challenge with the goal of “Purifying all Sunyata Flowers”. Pass through the flowers as Sorush to make them instantly bloom. Blooming all of them will make new flowers appear in the grass paths nearby. Repeat the same process through them until all flowers are bloomed. No need to use its skill, just passing through the flowers is enough. 

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After you are done with all of the flowers, a few orange/yellow-ish particles will appear next to them. Gather them all with Sorush to complete the challenge. You can try it again if you run out of time or accidentally exit Sorush mode. Completing the challenge will complete the quest and grant you the A Fascinating Journey achievement.

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Julien’s questline can be tricky to complete as a whole. After finding and completing its first step, you need to wait for subsequent Daily Resets to keep going through each of the steps. This final objective happens on the third day, and none of the dialogues hint at using Sorush. If you have not found any iterations of that same puzzle, you are in for some bad time. At least all previous steps are very straightforward, so there is little to no struggle to complete them. 

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