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How to Show FPS in CSGO: FPS Counter Guide

Infinite framerate!

by Shawn Robinson

CS:GO is a notoriously easy game to run on any sort of system, similar to other games like Valorant and League of Legends. They’re meant to have a low barrier for entry, but a high skill ceiling as well incentivizing the progression of skill. Given how easy they are to run, high framerates are more than possible for a lot of systems. You may want to test though and see what sort of FPS you’re getting, for one reason or another. Here’s how to show an FPS counter in CS:GO.

How to Show Framerate in CS:GO

If you’ve been diving into the settings menu unable to find a proper FPS counter, you’re wasting your time. CS:GO doesn’t have an inherent FPS counter you can enable, but you do have options to show your framerate. You could get any program off the internet that’s popular and shows framerate in one way or another, but there’s an even easier way built right into Valve’s software. Here’s how to show FPS through it:

  1. Open the Steam Overlay by pressing Shift + Tab (or through whichever button bind you might’ve swapped it to.
  2. Click Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Navigate to the In-Game tab of the Settings window.
  4. Set to In-game FPS counter to whichever position you prefer.

This will show a green FPS counter on your screen, though there’s an important caveat to keep in mind. This FPS counter will show whenever playing any game through Steam, so if you play other games on your Steam account, then you may want to turn it off when not playing CS:GO. Otherwise, this FPS counter should more than suffice if you’re just looking for a general FPS count.

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FPS counters can be useful for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to test for framerate dips? Perhaps you want to see what your new, beefy hardware can dish out? Whatever the reason, hopefully, this helps!

Shawn Robinson

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