How to Search Kryx’s Cell for Information in Starfield

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Kryx's Cell Starfield
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Delgado and the rest of the Crimson Fleet are after Kryx’s Legacy in Starfield, which means you need to lead the charge on the investigation. Eventually, you will need to search for information in Kryx’s Cell, and I’m here to help you uncover the lost evidence in this guide.

Where to Find the Information in Kryx’s Cell in Starfield

You can find the information in Kryx’s Cell wedged inside of a desk lamp. This seems like an obvious part of the Echoes of the Past mission in Starfield, but even I was lost for a few minutes on this step. The game marks the D-block cell for you, so it’s not difficult to locate the main room. However, the lamp doesn’t seem to register well.

Kryx's Legacy
Kryx’s Cell Evidence (Screenshot by Prima Games)

After I realized the information had to be linked to the lamp, which was near the quest marker, it took me a few attempts to get a prompt. If you also run into trouble here, just keep angling your reticle on different parts of the lamp until you get an indicator. When the prompt finally appears, make sure to interact right away.

Once you mess with the lamp in Kryx’s Cell, a slate labeled “Best Laid Plans” will appear on the table. Pick this up and listen to the full tape. Finally, you and the Crimson Fleet will have an understanding of Kryx’s Legacy in Starfield. This is the exact information you need to complete the main section of Echoes of the Past.

After you get the info, you’ll still need to speak with Delgado on the intercom and deal with Mathis. One of the largest enemies in the Lock awaits you as you make your way to the abandoned prison transports. Good luck reaching them.

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