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How to Search for Mine Cart Parts With Findie in Honkai: Star Rail

Featuring a helpful little robot

by Madison Benson
Search for Mine Cart Parts With Findie in Honkai Star Rail

As you join the Express Crew and explore the snow-covered Jarilo-VI, you’ll have to dive deep into the region’s mines and face plenty of danger. Along the way, though, you’ll find a rather odd object-finding machine named Findie, who proves to be useful while assisting you with searching the mines for mine cart parts. However, even with the robot on hand, locating these items is easier said than done! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to search for mine cart parts with the help of the home-use object finder, more commonly known as Findie, in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Search for Mine Cart Parts With Findie in Honkai: Star Rail

There are two mine cart parts you’ll have to find during this section of the quest. Using Findie in an area, the little robot will grab the part, bringing it to the ground for you to pick up. While you don’t need pixel-perfect precision with placing Findie, you’ll have to stand in the approximate spots so it can detect the items’ locations.

The first part, the mine cart pin, is next to some metal beans directly northwest of the mine cart. To understand how accurate you have to be with Findie’s placement, I initially used the robot near the cliff’s edge, north of the spot shown in the picture below. This spot didn’t work, and I eventually realized you have to stand a little closer south near the beams and rocks. Thankfully, the quest gives you multiple chances to find the right spot!

Honkai Star Rail Mine Cart Pin Location

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Once you grab the first mine cart part, you’ll get another mission objective to find the second one. This next one, the mine cart wheelset, is near the Calyx Bud in the previous area. Go toward this bud and stand near the metal pipes before using Findie. Pick up the mine cart piece near a bucket and box of orange crystals before returning to the blocked passageway and progressing through the quest!

Honkai Star Rail Mine Cart Wheelset Location

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