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How to Save the Dog in The Devil In Me

Touch the dog and we riot

by Daphne Fama

The Dark Picture Anthology is all about tough choices, and The Devil In Me is far from the exception. In fact, this game is rife with terrible, awful choices that will make you feel like a bad person. But that’s one of the reasons why this game is so good.

Still, it’s a series that has one silver lining; most people can be saved, if you make the right series of decisions. And Connie, the dog of The Devil In Me, might be the most important life you save yet. As you might expect in a life saving guide, there will be spoilers! But end of game spoilers will only occur after a section that I will note in bolded lettering.

How to Save the Dog in The Devil in Me

You’ll encounter your first hint that there’s a dog when you’re in control of Erin and Kate after getting separated from the rest of the crew. While attempting to investigate the source of crying, you’ll find a dog’s bowl in the hotel room. The bowl will be labeled Connie.

The next part is very important – you need both Kate and Jamie alive. In order to ensure both live, after Jamie offers to be bait, Kate needs to keep the screwdriver. When Jamie and Kate are then trapped in the crushing room, Jamie needs to press the button to reverse the trap and cause it to crush Kate. Because Kate has the screwdriver, she’ll survive.

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Later, Jamie and Kate will encounter Connie upon entering the farmhouse. Connie will be whimpering loudly because his collar is stuck.

Jamie will go to try to help free Connie, but moments later there will be the sounds of the killer approaching. Jamie will need to ‘anxiously’ tell Kate to hide. Jamie will then take the dog into the bedroom to hide.

The dog will start growling and Jamie will have the option to presumably kill the dog with a broken bottle. I have no idea; I never took the option. To save Connie, refuse to use the broken bottle. The killer will open the door and prepare to bring down an axe on Jamie.

But before he can, Kate will attack him, allowing Jamie, Kate, and Connie to escape.


Mark must find the boat keys in the lighthouse on the second floor. If he does so, Connie will be able to join the crew on the boat. Assuming the crew survives the QTE against the killer, everyone, including Connie, will make it to shore. I like to think Jamie and Erin then go on to adopt Connie and give him the best life he could ever hope for.