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How to Rotate the Camera in Company of Heroes 3

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
Camera Rotation COH3

Learning how to work with the camera is one of the most important skills in Company of Heroes 3, and it can be the difference between a swift victory and a crushing defeat. Being able to rotate the camera is just one more step closer to being a true commander in the war.

On paper, rotating the camera sounds simple enough, but it’s one of those controls that is easy to miss in the game. With so many other controls to worry about, key mashing won’t help in Company of Heroes 3 either. Instead, we’ll quickly cover it for you here in our guide.

Company of Heroes 3 – How to Rotate the Camera

When you need to rotate the camera, simply hold the alt key and use the cursor to drag the view to where you want it. You can also scroll to zoom in or out while you rotate. This is one of the best ways to look at flanks or to see if buildings have good window views before you enter them.

Of course, staying in that rotated view won’t be much help in the heat of battle. To revert the mode to rotate the camera, simply double-tap the backspace key, and you’ll return to normal. With this combo, you can quickly look at every perspective possible within seconds.

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For general movement, it’s best to stick to the arrow keys or a slowed-down version of the cursor. This is the camera you’ll be controlling for the majority of your time in Company of Heroes, so make sure you have the right sensitivity for it within your own settings.

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