How to Romance Judy as Male V in Cyberpunk 2077

Sorry, no boys allowed.

Judy is the Braindance Editor you’ll meet early on, as you’re tasked by Dexter and Evelyn with finding the Relic. And while the Relic is surely worth more eddies than you could ever count in your lifetime, the real prize, Judy, can be even more difficult to obtain if you’re playing a guy in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Romance Judy as a Male in Cyberpunk 2077

In the basement of Lizzie’s Bar is the notorious braindance editor, Judy. You’ll meet Judy in Act 1, but that won’t be the last you see of her. And, if you happen to be the right gender, you can even romance her.

That’s right. Judy will only date V’s with female bodies and possibly female-coded voices. No matter how many of the correct dialogue options you select in the main missions and Judy’s side jobs, there’s no way to romance her as a male.

But if you’re not beyond modding, there are mods in the community that will allow you to change her orientation and follow her romance arc.

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How to Romance Judy in Cyberpunk 2077

While the process of romancing Judy would be enough to qualify for its own very long article, the bare requirements are that you complete the following quests:

Main Mission Quests:

  • The Information
  • Automatic Love
  • The Space in Between
  • Disasterpiece
  • Double Life

Side Jobs:

  • Both Sides Now
  • Ex-Factor
  • Talking ‘Bout a Revolution
  • Pisces
  • Pyramid Song

There are also a number of dialogue options you’ll need to make when romancing her. But the gist is to be honest, say yes to helping her, and be sure not to let down her and her friends.

Do all that, and you can put “date with cyber hacker” on your calendar if you’re female, anyway.

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