How to Repair Cars in Unturned

With this article, you can open your own car shop in Unturned!

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Cars are one of the means of transportation in Unturned, and there are quite a few mechanics programmed around them that you can learn if you want to have a good time driving around. Some cars are broken, others are out of fuel, and some are simply locked. I have solutions for all of these problems, so keep scrolling and you’ll know how to repair and start up your car in Unturned!

How to Fix Cars in Unturned

First of all, let’s check if the car has any fuel in it. If it’s empty, you will need a Gas Can. In Unturned, Gas Cans are usually of red color with a yellow cap. You will find them at Gas Stations in most cases.

Then, you will need to fill up this Gas Can at a Fuel Storage Tank which are fairly big and bright-colored, so they should be hard to miss. Approach the Storage Tank with the Gas Can in your hand and left-click on it when you are nearby. There’s one in the feature image of the article as a matter of fact!

After filling the Gas Can with fuel, approach the car and fill ‘er up.

If the car still won’t run, then it seems that it’s broken, and you will need to repair it.

In order to repair a car in Unturned, you need a Blowtorch. Blowtorches in Unturned basically look like a blue-gray sports drink bottle and are commonly found around Gas stations, Military objects, Farms, etc.

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Take out your Blowtorch, stand close to the car you intend to repair, and hold your left click down. You’ll see an animation coupled with a welding sound effect.

If the car gets flipped upside down or gets otherwise stuck in a weird position, it means that you need a Car Jack. In Unturned, a Car Jack looks like a red brick with a white/gray lever sticking out of it. With the Car Jack, you can “lift” the car up and reset it.

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