How to Spawn Vehicles in Unturned

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Unturned is a survival game with nearly endless items for you to craft and find in the world. Ranging from buildable fortifications for the fort of your dreams to weapons of mass slaughter, you can do just about anything you’d want with a game so simple, which is why it has held the hearts of so many for so long. That and modding help increase longevity quite well. When you feel like screwing around with a new vehicle though, you may wonder how you can spawn it and test it for yourself. Here’s how to spawn vehicles in Unturned.

What Command Spawns a Vehicle in Unturned?

We’ll start with single-player since that’s the easiest way to go about it. First, create a world out of whichever map you feel like testing the vehicle on. Before creating and heading into it though, be sure to check off allowing cheats in the world customization section. Without it enabled, you can’t spawn vehicles or items. Once you have that checked off and you’re in the world, head over to the handy UnturnedHub website and click on Vehicle IDs at the top. From here, you can choose a vehicle from the list or type the name of the one you want. Once you find one you want to spawn, look over to the right of the page and it’ll show you an ID. For the purposes of an example, we’ll say you typed in Forest Tank, which came up with ID 120. With this ID, head back into the game and do the command /vehicle [ID of the vehicle you want]. In this example, if we do /vehicle 120, it will spawn in a Forest Tank. It’s just that simple!

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Now when it comes to multiplayer, that’s where things get a little more tricky. Each server could be using vastly different commands for vehicle spawning. You’ll also need a server with cheats enabled, or else vehicle spawning will be impossible. What I’d suggest from experience is typing the word “creative” into the server search bar and clicking whichever one has the best ping. These servers tend to have the command in their name or will have it in-game when typing /help or /commands. Once you have it, the rest of the process is simple. Head to UnturnedHub, get the ID, and use it in the command.

Good luck with all of your vehicle-spawning-related shenanigans in Unturned!

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