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How to Remove Clown Makeup in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Tired of being the clown in your party?

Are you starting to get tired of being the clown of Baldur’s Gate 3? Have you tried everything to wipe the clown makeup off your face, but you continue to look just like Dribbles? In this guide I’ll go over how you can easily get rid of the face paint, even if you have that annoying BG3 bug.

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How to Remove Clown Face Paint in BG3

To remove the clown makeup, you need to give your party a long rest at camp and reset the whole day. Using a short rest won’t do anything but replenish some of your attacks and resources. Until you head back to camp with your party and get a good night’s rest, the face paint will remain. Even if the character with the makeup isn’t your own, the rule remains the same.

Clown Makeup Bug Fix in BG3:

If you have the face paint bug, you can remove the clown makeup by applying another Face-Painting Kit to the same character. After putting on another face, you can bring your party back to camp and go for a long rest. With a fresh coat of face paint applied, the bug will be removed and your character should wake up fresh-faced.

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Where to Get a Face-Painting Kit in BG3

Face-Painting Kit
Face-Painting Kit Location (Screenshot by Prima Games).

To get a Face-Painting Kit, you need to speak to Zara the Mummy at the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington. When you go through the main gate, Zara the Mummy will be waiting as a vendor on the left side of the path. She doesn’t say much, but she has plenty for you to purchase.

You can buy some new armor dye, disguise kits, and a few different Face-Painting Kits. Whether you haven’t used one or are reversing the bug, I recommend buying at least two, even if they are a bit pricey.

To find the other clown in Rivington, here is my full guide on where to find Dribbles in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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